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Community Events

Whether we’re in season or it’s the off-season for us, we have events for you to attend, learn about who we are, and get involved to get #morekidsonbikes!
In the pre-season (before July 1), we host a series of outreach events called Dirt Tours and Try-A-Rides.

What is a Dirt Tour? 

A Dirt Tour is a short informational event where we share information about our league, including details about coaching, volunteering, and participation for student-athletes. These events are free to the public.

What is a Try-a-Ride?

Try-A-Rides are our favorite event to get kids on bikes, play games, and have a great time together. It is an opportunity for kids in 6th-12th grade to get an idea of what it is like to participate in league events and be part of a team. We have loaner bikes for anyone who needs them, and there is no cost to participate in a Try-a-Ride!