What is GRiT?
Nationally, NICA has created an initiative to increase the participation of women and girls in the sport of mountain biking by identifying and reducing barriers that keep them away. That initiative is called GRiT (Girls Riding Together). It’s a program, run at the state level, for recruiting and retaining female-identifying student-athletes, mentors, and coaches and then providing ways to introduce them to each other so as to create social connections throughout the league.

Why focus only on women, girls?
Mountain biking is a young sport and, though it’s changing, it has been historically marketed to male riders. Bikes are a way for everyone to participate in the outdoors but for women and girls, it hasn’t been made obvious they are welcome, too. GRiT is like the welcoming committee. Similar to a social club, it gives women and female-identifying student-athletes (including their moms, sisters, and friends) a way to engage in mountain biking and explore it in their own way.

Now the fun stuff.
NICA is all about fun and Nebraska GRiT takes that mantra to the next level. Women and female-identifying student-athletes can expect to participate in Nebraska GRiT-only group rides, camps and social outings, where they will be exposed to learning opportunities both on and off the bike, meet other riders like them and engage with super rad mentors who love sharing this sport. Those involved in Nebraska GRiT will come away with new skills, new friends, and a new way to view themselves.

Resources will include:

  • GRiT Coordinators and mentors for female team coaches and student-athletes
  • GRiT events at races to engage riders who don’t race but want to still participate in some way
  • GRiT tent at races to meet other female students from around the community

How does one get involved?
Being a part of Nebraska’s GRiT program is easy. As long as riders are part of the league, it’s just a matter of contacting the GRiT coordinator or showing up at the next event. If you are wanting to become a coach or volunteer, the GRiT coordinator can assist you with what it takes to sign up and on your way to getting #moregirlsonbikes!

GRiT Ambassador Opportunity
GRiT Ambassadors are student-athlete representatives for the GRiT program, helping raise awareness of the effort to get #moregirlsonbikes and acting as a local advocate and voice for what our female student-athletes want out of the GRiT program. The GRiT Ambassador will play a key role in recruiting and retaining more girls in NICA programs at the league level. To apply please contact your coach or the GRiT coordinator.

Contact Information: Allison Burton | allison@nebraskamtb.org